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Civil engineering is one of the oldest traditional engineering course which was started in Nanjiah Lingammal Polytechnic College in Coimbatore, in the year of 1985.

The range and application of civil engineering is the broadest and most visible. The entire infrastructural framework of a modern nation is the creation of civil engineers. Wherever you might be in cities or towns or in the far-flung areas of the country you cannot miss the creation of civil engineers.

In Nanjiah Lingammal Polytechnic College in Mettupalayam, Coimbatore, during the course period, students will deal with theoretical subjects as well as practical subjects. The students are trained with the operation of the total station a modern electronic equipment in-built with microprocessor for the measurements like distance, areas and volumes digitally.

Since we are one of the best diploma college for civil engineering, so many software like Auto CAD, STAAD – PRO, ASD are used for the drafting designing and detailing works. Civil engineering is a core branch as well as a pivotal aspect in engineering that encompasses the fields of design and construction of structures such as bridges, dams, canals, residential and commercial buildings.

In recent days the fast growing infrastructural construction needs much of civil engineers. There is a huge demand for civil engineers with lot of opportunities. We still remain as one of the finest colleagues for pursuing diploma in civil engineering.