• For admission contact: 86681 81886, 75981 20907, 759822 02907

1. Thiru T. K. S. Manoaran 

    Managing Trustee/TNKKA                                                                           Chairman

2. Thiru A. M Chinnarajan M.SC(Agri) 

    Jt.Managing Trustee/TNKKA                                                                        Member

3. Thiru K. Muthuswamy B.E., B.GL., M.B.A., 

    Secretary NLPTC                                                                                         Member

4. Thiru T. T. S. Baskaran M.B.A., 

    Adminisrative Officer NLPTC                                                                       Member

5. Nominee of the Central Govt/Ministry Dept. Dealing with Technical Education Regional Officer(EX-Officio)

6.An industrialist/Technologist/Educationlist from the region to be nominated by the concerned regional committee as nominee of the    AICTE Principal-Govt.Polytechnic College-Coimbatore.

7. Nominee of state Government - Director of Technical Education

8. Tmt J. Kousalya , Member- Secretary- Principal