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In Nanjiah Lingammal Polytechnic College in Coimbatore, the department of computer Engineering was started to create the skilled software and hardware technicians and innovators of tomorrow emerge.

The three year course of diploma in computer engineering is intended to train the students in both core areas and specialised topics in the emerging technology which helps them to the challenge in the IT field, and improve their ability to pursue high study. The department of computer engineering has qualified and dedicated teaching faculty members with technical supporting staff members for keeping the campus as a temple of knowledge in the field of information technology.

The department of computer engineering has excellent infrastructure and facilities for students. It is well-equipped with IBM server with modern computer systems connected over earth net and leased line internet facility. Also, the necessary licenses software are available for all students. It is the endeavour of the management to migrate to the latest software as per dote hardware curriculum and keep the campus as a ‘Technopark’

The diploma in computer engineering department also conducts seminar, department association meeting, workshops, school term courses an emerging technologies for the benefits of the students. The faculty members are often participating in various faculty development programmes, workshops, seminars to update their knowledge in the information technology field.


To achieve excellence in the field of Computer Science and Engineering and to produce

competent professionals with strong analytical skills, technical skills, managerial skills and ethical values by imparting quality technical education to serve the industry and society.


  • To provide hands-on-experience and problem-solving skills by imparting quality education through best teaching-learning processes, laboratory practices and through project based learning.

  • To promote all round development of students through co-curricular and

extra-curricular activities.

  • To produce skilled human resources and entrepreneurs in emerging areas of technologies by maximal interaction with industry.

  • To impart project management skills with a positive attitude towards lifelong learning and to inculcate moral and ethical values to serve the society.

  • To conduct skill-development programmes in emerging technologies to serve the needs of industry, society and scientific community.



Graduates will be ethically and socially responsible solution providers/entrepreneurs in Computer Science disciplines.


Graduates will analyze a problem, design an algorithm, define the computing requirements and implement it through logical and programming skills.


Graduates will be cultivated with all-round competencies and instilled with professional ethics, values and social responsibilities.


Graduates will manage projects in multidisciplinary environments as a member and as a leader with effective communications.


Graduates will engage in lifelong learning in the context of ever changing technology.